Real-Time Road Conditions

Check out real-time road conditions along the Parkway corridor by viewing the Ministry of Transportation COMPASS traffic cameras. Click on any camera image along Highway 401, Talbot Road/Highway 3 or Huron Church Road.

Driving on the Parkway

Highway 401 Information Centre

One of the three components of the Parkway is an extension of Highway 401 that runs below ground surface from the area west of the North Talbot Road Bridge to E.C. Row Expressway and then parallel to E.C. Row Expressway to Ojibway Parkway.

Border-bound Highway 401 Traffic

Travelers originating on Highway 401 or travelers who enter below ground Highway 401 from a Parkway on-ramp and are destined for the Canada-U.S. border will continue along Highway 401 within the Parkway corridor, exit at the westbound Highway 401 off-ramp to Highway 3/Huron Church Road and continue on Huron Church Road northbound toward existing border crossings.

Photo of the parkway from summer 2017


There are 21 westbound and eastbound on-ramps and off-ramps within the Parkway corridor that connect at surface to Highway 3 to below ground Highway 401. On-ramps originate on Highway 3 or on municipal roads and travel to Highway 401. Off-ramps originate on Highway 401 and travel to Highway 3 or municipal roads.

View of Parkway roundabouts and ramps