17 Kilometre Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway Trail

Trail Map


The  approximately 17 kilometre multi-use trail running the length of the Parkway is the  first trail that has been incorporated into a major provincial highway project in Ontario. The trail network features a continuous multi-use lit pathway, with bridges and tunnels that allow pedestrians and cyclists to travel the length of the parkway without encountering vehicles. Rest areas and interpretive signs are also located where there are features of interest and to provide users a spot to rest and enjoy their surroundings. Signage along the trails includes information about the parkway, regional and cultural heritage, First Nation culture and history, and the special natural areas.

Accessibility and Safety

Trail bridges vary in length and are designed to meet current accessibility and safety standards.  

Twenty-six (26) emergency call stations are located along the trail system at tunnel top rest areas, trail tunnels, in areas of close proximity to open water, and in areas where there is limited egress or where users may feel vulnerable.

Lighting is provided along the Paved Primary multi-use trail, at trailheads, at street crossings, entrances and exits for trail bridges, in the pedestrian tunnels, and at rest areas.

See the Trail Map for more information.